unisex + abstract + modern

Room39 is a unisex environment inhabited by natural materials, abstract patterns and statement accents; dedicated to promoting and creating original, modern furnishings and accessories, working as far as possible in a sustainable way in marrying craft techniques and modern technology.

Room39 was founded in 2010 by London based fashion and textile designer Petra Green, inspired after a decade in manufacturing and retail to break free creatively and express her personal vision with integrity. After graduating from University of Ljubljana with a BA in Fashion and Textile design, Petra worked for a number of years as fashion and lingerie designer both in her home country Slovenia and UK. Her work is an exploration of textures found in nature and man-­made surfaces, seeking unexpected connections and contrasts.

"I am truly passionate about craft meeting art, with real human values at its heart; also the reasons why we persist in what we do - a real love for the materials, traditions, crafts, technology and the need to share our ideas and heritage through creativity ­ collectively"

Since its debut Room39 has carved out a distinctive space in the retail landscape offering unique, authentic products reflecting tangible craftsmanship and grass roots manufacturing that bridges Petra's two "homes" Slovenia and London.


All Room39 products are manufactured in the United Kingdom and Slovenia. We endeavour to use European raw materials whenever possible and we work almost exclusively with small scale manufacturers, so we have absolute confidence that our goods are being produced ethically and to the highest standard. 

We complement our range of home textiles with of unique handmade items, sourced from likeminded designers, artists and artisans with shared values of originality and quality, thoughtfully produced and honestly priced.


Web design by Katarina Medic
Photography by James Champion and Veronika Spiegl
Styling by Jeanne Goutelle and Petra Green

Tranzit Store pop-up

Tranzit Store ­ a unique pop up shop showcasing the most exciting independent fashion, furniture and product designers from Slovenia and Britain; connected by collaborative craftsmanship, curated by Room39 founder Petra Green. 

This collective tells a story of contemporary craftsmanship, where creativity, sustainability and quality come together in a post­-Socialist manufacturing landscape. Camaraderie, shared values and sustainability (in terms of longevity of the supply chains, products, jobs and businesses participating) are at the heart of every brand in the store. From handmade ceramics and textiles, micro­produced fashion, accessories and furniture, this is an opportunity to experience product either new to or not readily available in the UK. The brands are connected by a real passion for expressing a love of craft, driven by the intrinsic human need to create. 

21-26 September
Old Street Underground Station / Unit 2
London, EC1 Y1BE
Monday - Saturday: 11am - 8pm


London Design Festival 2015
19 – 27 September